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Region: The North Pacific

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*At the final of the Sport Society Classic -600kg Tug of War, Team SB has failed to win the golden shield, shocking sports predictors around the country. Speaking to the world press after the event, coach Román Pérez Harper reiterated his congratulations to the victors and agreed that the squad’s silver shield is “a worthy outcome but certainly not the one we endlessly trained for.” Pérez refused to comment on whether this was his last SSC as coaching of the South Baban Tug of War team*


*Days after their comfortable victory over the South Baban squad, TyGerria’s Bostonian Lions have triumphed against the Katudan national team with a close 73-70 victory that solidified their undefeated record as the top basketball team in the Sport Society Classic. Commenting on the game, former Team SB player Cayson Mercer told JTN that the TyGerrian squad significantly altered their usual strategy to deal with impressive Katudan defense and rebounding below the net*

*Despite said loss, Katuda remains the leader amongst total shields won during this SSC. Long jumper Elizabeta Malez added the latest shield to the Eastern Anean country’s count with a gold in the women’s division, obtained after South Baba’s Sloane Ibbot failed to best her distance of 7.22 metres during the sixth and final round. Earlier in the day, Katudans had another reason to cheer when Darko Haluzan took the silver shield in the men’s 10m diving in front of a packed aquatics arena*