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Region: The North Pacific

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*In a great day for Jinjunese sports, taekwondo athlete Hwa Yoo-jin has defeated the reigning SSC gold shielder Rowen Hayes in the menís middleweight class at the Sport Society Classic, securing Jinju-Doís seventh shield in this sport since their SSC debut*

*After a tense shootoff in the final, Auroran Hansel O'Connor won the menís individual archery gold by beating Jinju-Doís Kyung Su-bin, who claimed the silver shield. O'Connor then invited his erstwhile opponent to lunch after the shield ceremony, where all three shielders (including South Babaís bronze, Axel Zamorano) took a selfie that has become one of the most shared images on social media*


*After an excruciatingly tough match against the Northwestern Pacific Federation, Team SB has advanced to the -600kg Tug of War final in the Sport Society Classic. After their latest triumph, the team expressed their profound admiration for their worthy opponents, hoping a rematch is in their plans for next year*

*In a photo finish final of the menís 100m, Katudan Danijel Kavran fell to South Babaís Howie Ellison, who had finished third in the semifinal with 10.21 seconds and only entered this final dash based on his time. Ellisonís win with 10.06 seconds was enough to sprint ahead of Kavran, who earned his silver shield by finishing in 10.08 seconds. The former ULT took the bronze shield with a 10.15 performance by their sprinter. After the race, all runners embraced each other and them let out a huge chant whilst forming a circle on the track*

*Meanwhile, the Auroran Confederacyís Reinmann Watts clinched a golden shield in the individual foil fencing final today after outmatching his opponent, South Babaís Alonso Ikin with a clever disengage attack technique that proofed itself against Ikinís ripostes. Ikin had previously won two golden shields in the singlestick and "canne de combat" disciplines at the 2017 and 2018 SSC editions before moving on to dominate the South Baban foil fencing circuit*