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South Baba wrote:SR RP

*In the second women’s 100m semifinal of the day, Katudan Sabina Modric echoed her male compatriot Danijel Kavran by also advancing to the final, qualifying for next year’s Sport Society Classic in the process. In a dash that featured no South Baban sprinters for the first time since 2014, Modric finished with a time of 10.99 seconds, just slightly ahead of Skaraborg’s second place (11.06), who reached a personal best to secure a coveted spot in the final as well*

*Meanwhile, Team SB scored a desired victory in men’s basketball after their last defeat to the Bostonian Lions from TyGerria. Coach Lach Slater said the team is “back on track” to advance towards the semifinals and does not shirk from a rematch with the TyGerrian squad. Star point guard Wisdom Waller scored 29 points during this game*


*In a great day for Jinjunese sports, taekwondo athlete Hwa Yoo-jin has defeated the reigning SSC gold shielder Rowen Hayes in the men’s middleweight class at the Sport Society Classic, securing Jinju-Do’s seventh shield in this sport since their SSC debut*

*After a tense shootoff in the final, Auroran Hansel O'Connor won the men’s individual archery gold by beating Jinju-Do’s Kyung Su-bin, who claimed the silver shield. O'Connor then invited his erstwhile opponent to lunch after the shield ceremony, where all three shielders (including South Baba’s bronze, Axel Zamorano) took a selfie that has become one of the most shared images on social media*

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