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Region: Lorania

Iíd like to say a few goodbyes to the nations I (sadly) wonít be sharing a region with on the future:

Matroyska - Youíve been a great regionmate to me, and Iíll never forget your great service to Lorania, as well as your entirely lower-case RMB posts. I wish you the very best in your future, and youíre always welcome to return to us on NS whenever you feel like it. Farewell Matroyska.

Skundi - I never really got to know you very well, which is a deep shame, as everyone who knew you, held you in very high esteem. It was your recruitment TG that brought me to Lorania, and for that, Iím eternally grateful. Farewell Banana Duck, I will miss you very much.

Cousethii - Youíre the most well educated person Iíve ever met online, and one of the most funniest. It was a pleasure to serve alongside you in the HoC, and even more so to share a region with you. Just like Matroyska said, you should really consider a legal career IRL. Thanks for everything youíve done, not just for me, but for all of this region. Farewell Cousethii, I hope we can keep loosely in-touch.

Devionsa - Iíve never met anyone so nice and forgiving as you, in that sense you were a role model for all of us. If anyone was feeling down, you always managed to comfort them, always seeing the bright side in every situation. Thatís how Iíll remember you, Devi. Farewell, and good luck for the future.

Seven Seas - When you were PM, I heavily criticised you, for which Iím very sorry. I still cannot figure out how you won youíre second election victory, itís a puzzle for the ages! I wish you good luck in Karma, farewell Seas.

New Excalibus - We had some of the most intense arguments, and could never agree on most things. But sadly that has contributed to Loraniaís demise, and I deeply regret it. Iíll probably never look at Chipmunks or Illinois the same, I thank you for that. Good look, Excal, and best wishes for the future.

Zweites preussen - like Skundi, I never got to learn much about you. But still, I wish you the best of luck for the future. Farewell ZweiPru.