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Region: The North Pacific

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*In their first game against their South Baban group colleagues, TyGerria’s Bostonian Lions basketball squad has cruised to an easy victory (91-78) that helped position them as the top hoops team in the Sport Society Classic after a 17-0 run in the first six minutes of the fourth quarter sealed the host nation’s fate. South Baban point guard Wisdom Waller gave a sublime performance, one of the best of his SSC career, scoring 32 points and getting seven rebounds. 20 of his points occurred during the game’s first half. Team SB coach Lach Slater, who personally handpicked the team against the wishes of Basketball South Baba (BSB), took full responsibility for the defeat, saying: “The guys did my plays. They played off my strategy. It’s all on me. Next time we’ll be ready. Now it’s our job to start training for that game”*


*The South Baban national football team has suffered a 1-0 loss after team captain Sebastian Olmo suffered a hamstring injury that left the so-called Purple Stockings rudderless for the entire second half of the Sport Society Classic quarterfinals match, causing them to lose the advantageous 62% ball possession record they had during the first half. South Babans Kian Watts and Tate Knight were inflicted yellow cards whilst their teammate Jude Brooks went out of the game with a red card after touching the referee on the shoulder during a discussion about a corner kick*

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