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South Baba wrote:SR RP

*Baldomero Adams, President of the Republic’s Own Squash Club of South Baba (ROSC), has made his first public appearance since the Presidential Palace’s announcement of an investigation into his Order of the Federation award at a Golf Croquet (singles) round of the ongoing Sport Society Classic. Adams, however, is already expected to attend several squash matches during the SSC to present shields in an official capacity*


*In the first semifinal of the men’s 100m, an event that offers qualification opportunities for next year’s edition of the Sport Society Classic, celebrated Katudan sprinter Danijel Kavran took the lead in an astounding time of 9.96 seconds, well ahead of a would-be silver shielder from the former ULT (10.16) and South Baba’s own Howie Ellison, who finished third in 10.21 seconds. After embracing the other runners and amidst the roaring of the stadium crowd, Ellison said to JTN cameras: “Sorry it wasn’t possible, I did my best. I gave it all”*

*Meanwhile, Kavran’s compatriot Sabina Modric will seek to replicate his performance and advance to the women’s 100m final in what is expected to be a tough competition that, for the first time in seven years, has no South Baban sprinters. Athletics South Baba (ASB) president Ciro Hughes has called this a “wake-up call” and ordered a complete revamp of their SSC trial tournament structure*

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