by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Breaking: A heated debate by Parliament today lead to talks of "crossing the floor" by three MP's. The Empress responded and now new laws have been enacted immediately to prevent crossing the floor.

The law states "Should a MP cross the floor, it is Head of Parliament's right to eject the MP and make it so the MP has to run for Parliament for the party that the representative defected to." This law also states that Members of Franconian Parliament have to re-register to vote when this happens. The Government said that they are "in no way telling you or MP's to vote for any certain candidate or taking your right to vote away. Citizens and MP's (under Voting Equality Act FE2133) 'have a guaranteed right to vote and register under any party'. This law is in no way for the public (except for the public who would like to hold government office).

More on this later.