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Region: Hyrule

I pre-ordered it and it came with a free keychain and socks. I have the original version too, and I can say for sure it does look a LOT better. Even though most of the patterns and polygons are the same, the edges are HD-smooth and the frame rate makes it so much better looking. I get the impression that they redid all lighting effects such as fire and shines with more powerful algorithms. I really wasn't expecting to be impressed with the upgrade, so I am pleasantly surprised. It was such a good game (and important to Zelda canon) it would be a shame if it was not available to those who were babies when it came out. I look forward to playing it again, and I still will use the motion controls even though many people hate them, because a lot of the action in the game was designed for you to be immersed by making your actions translate into the game. I still remember the excitement of hacking my way out of an onslaught of Bokoblins, my heart pounding from both the excitement and the physical exertion. The motion controls aren't for everybody, but I think anyone who plays it should at least give it a shot.