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Region: The South Pacific WA Voting Center

On Interregional Recruitment


1) If/when the Democracy/Autocracy change is implemented, this will have to be amended. A change to a focus on spawners/non-spawners rather than naming feeders/sinkers and UCRs would be appropriate.
2) It is against our interests as a GCR to vote for a Declaration which openly states we are open for recruitment.
3) It provides no protection for GCRs being poached/recruited from for non-newly founded nations, which is still a problem.
4) It provides for no exception for retaliatory recruitment, which is the common mechanism by which the Arnhelm Declaration (the status quo name of this set of norms) is enforced
5) It restricts IC conflictual poaching/predatory recruitment to simply states of war and excludes prolonged states of hostility, which could be another justification.
6) It contains no exception for anti-fascist or anti-hate retaliatory recruiting
7) A better written version of this already exists, has existed for years, and this is unnecessary. It's one thing to pass a Declaration on Anti-fascist actions because there is no somewhat standard and recognized document of norms and international laws on anti-fascist actions. However, there actually is one on interregional recruitment - the Arnhelm Declaration - and this proposal is wildly unnecessary.

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