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Region: Lorania

Sail Nation wrote:Matroyska has just CTEd. Matroyska was a key member of the Loranian community, a unifying force, a kind individual who everyone could respect. Matroyska rarely got into arguments like most of the region. Matroyska passed influential reforms, made policy changes and was one a friendly member of the community whom I was very close to. They were one of the first to notice how the region was falling apart, and soon after announced their departure from the site.

Now we are less than a week away from the closure of Lorania, and it has felt like the longest 2 months of my time on NS. I hereby re-affirm the importance that if you have any concerns, ideas or things you need to bring to my attention, I am only one TG away, please don't be afraid to make contact. We must now plan the closure of the region.

While a lot of this must remain secret, I can reveal some stuff about guardian puppets. If you want to have a guardian puppet in the region, please move the nation in and contact me from your nation that you resided in/reside in Lorania with, telling me which nation is your puppet. I aim to banject all non-guardian puppet nations in the week or two following the passwording of the region. This is for security, to prevent us being stealth-raided. I might be ok with letting some nations in after the CTEing in exceptional circumstances. However, who I will allow to have guardian puppets will be at my own discretion. Namely, I will most likely only allow nations who have been heavily involved in Lorania (such as being a frequent RMB poster or a former government member). This is for the security of the region.

Hope that everyone is ok, and it's only a few days until we can lay this matter to rest.


How frequent is considered frequent?