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Dwarf wrote:When using my preferred image hosting site, imgur, one is often confronted by other images and posts made by the wider community on there. Very frequently, it seems, I encounter Tolkien-related stuff - whether character designs, fan art, or lengthy lore expositions. I could try to save the ones I come across, and occasionally compile them into a dispatch if I've gotten enough..?

I wouldn't ask of you or anyone to do that. But if you do find something interesting, you can always share! I definitely am curious to watch / read interesting themed items. Perhaps sometimes I'll share some myself. And obviously if there's someone that wants to dedicate time to do this on a continuous basis we can accomodate that

Saeros of Doriath wrote:i was just thinking, this may be a coincidence but in russian folk stories there was kind of a dark lord who always had to be desytroyed(because he was immortal) by breaking an object

Tolkien was influenced by many origins, although most of them were part of his childhood times around the UK (and he was especially familiar with the old english language), the world war stages he participated in and then some nordic and greek mythologies from whatever books he read. And Russian lore may as well have been part of his repertoire!