by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Blackouts: The ever expanding power grid is taking a toll due to its age and how many customers are using the grid at once. This has called for the government to limit power use in major metropolitan areas. Areas where electricity is the only way you are able to live (i.e. hospitals with patients, rural areas with swamp coolers and mobilized warming units [for the winter], etc.) are able to use the power grid all hours of the day. Your local governments will determine the days and hours of where the grid will be shut down. FEG&E Chair of Communication stated "We are working on the issue. FEG&E is deciding on whether or not to break the monopoly up into separate sections to control a new grid in each part of the nation. If we decide to go that route, then we need special government documents and permits. Until we are able to fix the issue, the grid will be shut down in increments of 6 hours for three days out of the week... That's the only way we can solve this until we have a ready plan."

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