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Region: Texas

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March 6, 2011

Greetings Citizens of Texas!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the nomination process is over for the First Quarter 2011 Texas Elections. The following is the slate the new Government of Texas. This week will be a time for candidates to campaign, debate and make speeches on the offsite forum. Next Sunday we will begin the elections. Join all the fun on the offsite forum at: Election Notes are in that forum as well.

There is another light slate of candidates this quarter. All of the incumbents are running again with the exception of Secretary of State. First time candidate, A Mysterious Vagabond, is up uncontested for this vital Cabinet position. The office of the VP of Texas is between a couple of perennial powerhouses of Texas politics. In a strange twist, the SecDef nominated himself a couple of opponents at the Eleventh Hour - simply competitive or cocky? Only time will tell. The Office of the Secretary of Health has been reopened with Maryginia making a pitch to Texans for the need to reopen it. Unlike previous Elections where that pesky No Confidence only ran in uncontested races, they will be running in every race from now on. This will eliminate having to "settle on" candidates. There was a very light turnout for Nominations Week.

We have a nice slate for Texas Representative Council! There are 18 nominees for 10 positions! A well-drafted speech, a small pot of gold or well-placed sling of mud may make it or break it for a couple of these candidates. It will be good! Texas salutes all our Secretaries and Representatives!

Congratulations to all the Candidates!

President (non-elected)

Vice President
Richard I

Secretary of State
A mysterious vagabond

Secretary of Defense
Richard I
Independent Planets

Secretary of WA Affairs
Cielos negros

Secretary of Space

Secretary of Health

Texas Representative Council (10 to be elected)
A mysterious vagabond
Crazy hell for war
Darth Kermit
Eric the first
Gig em Aggies
Independent Planets
Mimes guild
No tv and no beer
Ole Dixieland
Thessadorian Catgirls
Wolf macleod

Let the Speeches and Campaigns begin!

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex
President of Texas