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Lower alterac wrote:

INO pronouns

by Lower alterac

Clarifications & notes:

1+2nd Inanimate ≅ "This" in English
3rd Inanimate ≅ "This" in English
1+2nd ≅ "We" in English (as in me & you)
Future ≅ "Will" in English, implying some aspect probably (I'm too lazy right now to find the correct words)
"~Could" is some sort of future aspect or something? Like a hypothetical (and not could as in the past tense of "can")
Pronouns not otherwise specified are both animate & inanimate
Umlaut is the name for the second vowel harmony category

Latin script

Sarzino script

hope that there are no obvious mistakes that i missed

Read dispatch

A table thing of the pronouns in Sarzino, as well as one in the script
(I guess i just did the personal pronouns and the demonstratives, could have done the relative/interrogative/etc. aswell, but whatever)

Is that a conscript? How did you get to type it?

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