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Region: The North Pacific

South Baba wrote:SR RP

*Due to the start of a civil war in the Third 3rd Skyclan republic, South Baban rock band The Fire Bureau has indefinitely posponed their previously announced tour of the country. The tour had been organized as part of Hernández Valente’s 'Sweet New Stuff' campaign to promote Trofeo Two-One, a new brand of Trofeo II, in the Skyclan market*


*South Baban soft drink giant Hernández Valente Ltd announced that world-famous South Baban rock band The Fire Bureau will begin an ORASO tour next month as a way to start the 'Sweet New Stuff' campaign that was put on hiatus by the Skyclan civil war. The company announced that, in addition to the new Trofeo Two-One, the tour will highlight other brands in the Trofeo II lineup, such as: Diet Trofeo II, Zero Taste Trofeo, Trofeo No Corn Syrup, Trofeo Red, Trofeo Blues, and Trofeo Elderberry, for the highly coveted ORASO market. A broadcast agreement is expected to be signed with OBS (ORASO Broadcasting System) and national television networks*

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