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Region: Refugia

Welcome, Oqazistan, Imzhou 2 Electric Boogaloo, Apparently An Abuse of Power But Smol, Princess of the Void, Chordalci, Slekiland, Blobfisholandia, Dot Bot, Kamihkje, Refykland, Englamd, Spique Unia, Regareo, Squidland 2, The Sparolanchilland, Cheap Thrills, Redury, Zoegrad, High Reiserland, Shattered States, Transtopic, New Sap Oesan, and The Globohomo Superstate, to Refugia! I hope each of you enjoys your stay. If it applies to you, please pay attention to the rest of this message.

Refugia aims to be a friendly, laid-back community, which is open to players of all experience levels. Nations who wish to become more active in the region, however, should consider joining the World Assembly (WA). WA nations are able to vote on international law, and receive exclusive benefits within the region, such as the ability to vote in regional polls and elections, get a spot on Refugia's map, and even run for office when elections come up! If you're interested in joining the WA, check out this article, and make sure to endorse our delegate.

If you'd rather just chill with us, that's perfectly fine as well. We have an offsite forum, as well as frequent discussions on the regional message board (RMB), which everyone is welcome to participate in!

If you have any additional questions about the region or how NationStates works, feel free to leave them here, on the RMB. If you're interested in joining our offsite forum, look for the link at the top of Refugia's World Factbook Entry (the big text box at the top of our regional page).

Once again, I really hope you enjoy your time here, and look forward to seeing more of you soon!