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Region: Refugia

Vikoland is proud to announce that, in order to strengthen relations between the other nations of Refugia, the country will adopt English as an official language. Prime Minister Lars Stefansson stated that this legislation will "increase our influence abroad and make the nation more welcoming for people of other ethnic groups, whether they be refugees or Refugi".

The Legislation will take affect on Monday the 14th of June of the Gregorian calendar, beginning with the translation of all official documents into both Vikolandic and English. All documents must be written in both languages, but if there are any contradictions between the two languages then Vikolandic will take priority. Whilst English is already a compulsory subject in school, Vikoland will, starting from the next academic year, allow for full lessons to be taught in only English.

There have been concerns raised over whether the government is neglecting the Vikolandic language and culture, however they insist that Vikolandic will remain the Primary language of the country and for the average Vikolander, this change will have very little effect.