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Region: Selene

Breaking: Vice HoS (Vice Head of State) Julian Aguirre has stepped out against DT in the Empire. Here's a clip of he said...

"This reign of violence has to end! You have free healthcare, free education, and we're in the process of fixing faulty infrastructure to prevent flooding from rising sea levels, not just on the coasts, but in the MAINLAND too! What more do you want...?"

The Vice HoS is clearly upset about the violence happening around the Empire, with the latest being a Naval ship that was reportedly detonated as it was taking off from Port. More on that later...

Parliament working hard to prevent any more DT from happening. Quadropartisonship (All 4 of the FE's major ruling parties) is being used and the Empress, leading discussions on what to do to prevent any DT, has an open mind and is willing to listen to all sides of the aisle.