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Region: Selene

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A family has been arrested in connection with the disappearance and apparent murder of over 52 individuals over the years. The family, whose name is being kept confidential, consisted of a couple and two brothers and operated the Golden Nest, a motel along an abandoned road. While the road previously connected Regł with other cities in southern Tavoletro, it had since fallen into disrepair after a more modern highway was built over 30 years ago.

Police say that the family was discovered after the Golden Nest caught fire in the course of an altercation with a backpacking couple who had opted to spend a night there. The couple, whose names are also being kept confidential, was chased and tortured before escaping and accidentally burning the motel. When police arrived the family was incapacitated and was promptly arrested, while the surviving couple was taken to a hospital for treatment. Reports indicate that cars and bodies have been found in a nearby swamp, behind the motel.