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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

Latorik wrote:You mentioned Derikan tax payer money going to Albanians, I brought up the fact that for the most part, material supply and other things are not necessarily a part of that equation.

Also Latorik is a pretty explicit part of Derika

They are a recognized noble house and their leader is the chief military advisor on the current Emperor's court.

What's more, everything you just stated could be applied to literally every other offensive the Derikans have ever pushed. Minus, of course, like you said, the cost of the training, equipment, and food.

And its not like noble houses having huge personal armies is exactly an uncommon thing in Derika. Look at Asar

So the emperor perfers to use a private army over the federal army he already holds? The Derikan treasury is using money to support a private army that one of hte most powerful Derika houses? Wouldn't that just worsen Albania's position with the Derikan people, as their tax money is going to a different house? Especially when the house is a literal hellhole that deals often with freaks of nature. Yes, everything I stated can be applied to every literal Derikan offensive, but invading a planet cost a hell of an amount and sustained offensives with the use of the Albanian army planet by planet I doubt will be good for the Albanian economy. This is still going to raise tensions within Derika. Why are the taxes of a citizen in one house being spent for the offensives of another? I don't know how the Derikan tax system works but I'm going to assume, for the sake of the argument, a citizen is taxed by the house that rules over them and money is transferred to the Derikan government. What's the point of having a federal army if the private armies of the houses are being used to take over planets.