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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

Rothella wrote:The costs of orbital bombardment for Albanian support.
Moving Derikan fleets to protect the Derikan transports holding Albanian soldiers
The cost of air support to assist the Albanian offensives
The cost of keeping Derikan ships in orbit, as the Albanians settle in for a battle of attrition on the planet
The cost of fending off enemy fleets as the Albanians continue to take the planet.
Basically everything that an army would require, aside from the equipment, food and training that the Albanians already have.

I'm not saying that it's the costliest thing ever in the history of Derikan military, by far that is the 15 kilometer ship you mentioned. I'm saying that moving the Albanians during their offensives (the two that you mentioned, plus during the Eliksni war) would still cost Derikan tax money to support their movements and invasions. It's also a matter of national pride, this militarist society is now using a laugahbly weak military (In numbers, fleetpower, logistics and overall economy. Training is a different matter but the four aforementioned reasons are why I'm saying the Albanians are laughable when it comes to their army. However, the world really hasn't seen them at their peak in action/in much action at all aside from brief skirmishes at best).

If I were a Derikan citizen and my taxed money went to the Derikan military, why would I want to see it go to the Albanians to transport them? My taxes would go to Derika, for Derikans. Why are Albanians in the place of our honorable soldiers? Practically speaking, yes it is probably one of hte best options to transport the Albanians. But from a Derikan perspective? A militarist society which takes pride in its military? I just don't see it working out. Why would someone who takes pride in their military want to make another nation go to war for them and pay for them to go in your war? It's dishonorable and even embarrassing.When did I say Derika spent money arming the Albanian military? I'm only focusing on transports and the use of Derikan weapons such as ships and planes to provide support for their assaults.

You mentioned Derikan tax payer money going to Albanians, I brought up the fact that for the most part, material supply and other things are not necessarily a part of that equation.

Also Latorik is a pretty explicit part of Derika

They are a recognized noble house and their leader is the chief military advisor on the current Emperor's court.

What's more, everything you just stated could be applied to literally every other offensive the Derikans have ever pushed. Minus, of course, like you said, the cost of the training, equipment, and food.

And its not like noble houses having huge personal armies is exactly an uncommon thing in Derika. Look at Asar