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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

Rothella wrote:I mean yeah. But Derika is a more militarist society. It takes pride in it's military, for it to use another nations army to protect itself seems kind of cowardly. Not to mention, the logistics of a slave soldier. They cost money to feed, heal, house and search for when or if they escape. I get your point that the US does it all the time, but Derika isn't a democracy (ish) it's an empire.

I was using slave soldiers in a semi-joking manner.

Albanians are genetically bred and trained to follow orders without question, they aren't actual 'slave soldiers' beyond not having a choice beyond being a soldier

Money to feed, heal, and house is a cost brought on by literally every soldier.

And they are coming out of a major civil war, Derika is explicitly de-militarizing for the most part