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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Empire of Gora wrote:RP Foreign Relations:

The Goran Government has announced several requests to form foreign relations with neighboring nations. This moves is viewed by many Gorans as a way to bring more social modernization to the Empire.

1. A nonaggression act whereas Gora and said the nation will not aggress against each other be it militarily, economically, or otherwise.

2. Free Trade with the exception of metals, vehicles, vehicle parts, wool, fish, and shellfish which will all have a tariff of 10%.

3. The allowance of both leisure and business travel between both nations for up to two months with extra time needing to be approved by the proper officials in a respective nation.

4. Mutual Embassies with the Empire of Gora allowing for an embassy in the capital city of Goventry.

5. The Gorans will have to ban travel to itís colonies citing potiential safety concerns. However Gora will also understand if other nations have said zones.






RP: Diplomatic ties

According to the new set of governmental policies, oriented on creating more economic and diplomatic bonds with neighbouring countries, that was introduced after recent political events, House of Leaders voted on accepting this offer from Goran government, with slight adjustments to trade regulations. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Damir Bilgev, invites Goran representatives to Midribbonia, but he is ready to send Midribbonian delegation to the Empire of Gora, if needed.

OORP: Uncertainty

I hope to finish post about the events that happened after parliamentary elections up until presidential elections as soon as possible, and there is going to be an explanation to new views, that are dominant in politics at the moment.