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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Blayredeshia wrote:RP: Crossed Fingers
With the elections underway and the Emperor receiving the Werewolf Islands offer to observe; the Blayredeshian legion now joined by the additional armies from Blayredeshia and Woleve Atraland to a truly massive force; has cashed in on the Wolfenite offer and has begun to silently consolidate and fortify its holdings in the Icewindian West with several armies even beginning to spread out and advance east to consolidate more territory. Curiously though the Blayredeshians are more focused on recruiting locals to the ILA Militia. Many wonder how the Emperor will react to the election results with many suggesting that a candidate too far to the left will only summon the thunderous sound of Blayredeshian Tanks rolling east.

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Hey now, not cool

With the Blayredeshian Army advancing East practically right on top of the Wolfinites in the area that have been defending the area for a month or so. The Republic issues a warning to Blayredeshia; they are entrenching Wolfinite occupied territory that is under joint Fangeese-Winter Dynasty authority. If they trench on further, this'll be an act of war not only on the Republic and Icewindia, but on the Dynasty as a whole...stand down, or we'll make you stand down. You choose.

The line has been drawn in the soil, the ball is in Blayredeshia's field if they want to risk this.

RP: Foreign Minister Convinced.

After Hemlock confronted the Blayredeshian Legion with his own Army of 800,000 to enforce line in the sand. He went to baffled Foreign Minister who is the only other official who could content Hemlock's position as Hemlock right now is undisputed Marshall of country. With Catherine in Provisional Custody she cant dispute it. Foreign Minister despite being known to be very pro-Blayredeshian was brought to Deija with Hemlock. In a meeting between someone else and Hemlock. The Foreign Minister was noted leaving heavily bloodied and when asked the Security in building would state "The Foreign Minister tripped alot against the Table." To which afterwards the Foreign Minister backed Elections before driving West to head to Gerjano where many suspect he will retract his statement and try to give ILA legitimacy. Before he could cross the line of control an Truck hit his car off Highway at 127MPH to which his car crashed into woods. Many people thought they heard gunshots however Police Report states there was a "Fireworks" show nearby despite no official events. Body of Foreign Minister is mysteriously checked out by supposed family members and cremated before Autopsy report was handled. The Car is being sent to an Junkyard.

Werewolf Islands
RP: An Offer.

Despite having Catherine and Wolfen 1st prisoner. Napoleon of Provisional Government in east offers an Trade. He is willing to give back Wolfen 1st in exchange for 3 Blank Royal Pardons.

RP: The Elections - 1st Results

So far the Elections are fierce as all opponents begin to Campaign Heavily. With National Confederation Party in the lead with Socialist Party USA in 3rd and Lycan Theocracy in 2nd. With other parties organizing debates among each other. The Black Horse among them is Mr.Kah'rokta who seems to get the right stage positions and right times to speak his convincing silver tongue to the crowds. Yet Earl Hall seems to be best organized campaign of all the Canidates. No one knows how mid-Way Results will be but opening Results shows this.