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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Elections beginning

With some stability and security secured, the Republic announces the beginning of Icewindian Elections to fill the power gap in the nation. The Republic says to Blayredeshia they are welcomed to observe if they so choose. Elections are happening whatever happens.

Icewindia wrote:Werewolf Islands
RP: Elections Start

National Union Party lead by Mr.Kah'rokta
Socialist* Party Icewindia lead by Earl Hall
Imperial-Republic Party lead by Jerry Jishi
National Confederation Party lead by Romanov Wolfenstien
Winter Wolf Unity Party lead by George Paw
Imperial-Soviet Party lead by Napoleon
Lycan Theocracy lead by Pawington Ruh-roh
Solist Council lead by Solist Preacher #5
Esolites Party lead by Ju-hei

Elections will end in a Few Months

RP: Crossed Fingers
With the elections underway and the Emperor receiving the Werewolf Islands offer to observe; the Blayredeshian legion now joined by the additional armies from Blayredeshia and Woleve Atraland to a truly massive force; has cashed in on the Wolfenite offer and has begun to silently consolidate and fortify its holdings in the Icewindian West with several armies even beginning to spread out and advance east to consolidate more territory. Curiously though the Blayredeshians are more focused on recruiting locals to the ILA Militia. Many wonder how the Emperor will react to the election results with many suggesting that a candidate too far to the left will only summon the thunderous sound of Blayredeshian Tanks rolling east.

The Ansalonian States wrote:RP: Elections

The election results would be in, and it would be a sweeping victory for the nationalists, who would've gained half the seats of the conservatives, along with almost 50 seats from the liberals and socialists, due to factors such as Blayredeshian meddling. Alongside this, Ernst Meyer would lose his position as chancellor, being replaced by Karl Schulze, and an election would be held for the next president. This astonishing victory for the nationalists would terrify the left and the liberals, who would go out in the streets in protest. The stability of the nation would be at an all time low, with many scared that a large scale civil uprising would occur in the future. Many others would be scared for Ansalonian democracy, which they feared may be destroyed by the new nationalist led government.

RP: Initial Actions

Soon after Karl's rise to power, he would begin enacting anti-immigration legislation, border security legislation, legislation expanding military funding as well as conscription, etc. He would also begin showing bias towards the Íslenders, which would start putting off members of the other ethnicities of the nation. He would use his party's newfound power in government to push much of this legislation, to the dismay of the liberals and leftists.

RP: Consolidating Rule (Secret to All)
In addition to an official congratulations, the CIS has also offered Karl to send advisors and agents to The Ansalonian States to help him purge the nation of leftists and hostiles to better consolidate his rule.