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Region: The Hole To Hide In

The Atomic Schism wrote:

RP: Till the Day is Won and Done

After years of bloodshed and burning sands, Vernacularberg, the capital of the Kingdom of Sol has fallen to insurrectionist forces, bringing an end to over 600 years of the Jupyter dynasty's rule. As the siege broke through the city's defenses, the Armies of Forty and The Baker flooded the streets, eradicating the remnants of the Kingdom's soldiers while they converged on the Solar Palace, setting it ablaze. As its walls came tumbling down, there was no sign of Solar King Ddę'Weaoleier to be found in flames, many believing that he, realizing the war was lost, fled the nation to undergo a pilgrimage to the ocean. Already, Duchess Voervtei has dispatched a team of scouts to track him down. Voervtei herself, arriving in the city the following week, has usurped Ddę'Weaoleier's title, crowning herself Solar Queen Voervtei I, the first female monarch of the Kingdom.

While Voervtei's forces have celebrated their leader's ascension, her coronation has created strife with The Baker, who since the beginning of the Civil War has continuously advocated for a democratic regime. Furthermore, following the ANO's request for humane treatment of Ddę'Weaoleier's soldiers, Voervtei has generally complied, reserving punishment for leading officers. This has also angered The Baker's army, many of whom believe all of the enemy's forces were directly responsible for supporting the displacement of the Evvenist Solists. Despite the contention, Queen Voervtei has promised to aid in the establishment of a republic after the nation has properly rebuilt its infrastructure and has also invited Schismian Solists to return to the Kingdom free of punishment as "an act of forgiveness." Similarly, as thanks for their unyielding support, Queen Voervtei has extended free citizenship to the Conglagateian outcasts that fought alongside the insurrectionists.

RP: The Forty Republic

After over 600 years of stability, the Kingdom of Sol has, at last, been demolished to make way for a new democratic state in the Atomic Schism. Following months of debates between the leaders of the revolution, a constitution to create the Republic of Forty has been designed and approved, ushering in a brand new system of governance across the war-torn region. Former Solar Queen Voervtei has been elected by the recently established restoration council, and along with the council, had dedicated her second ascension to the revitalization of the new republican state.

The Baker has vanished from the public eye, his last order reportedly telling his insurrectionist to return to their "normal" lives as neighborhoods steadily begin to fill in. Already, diplomats from the new Republic have begun to establish relations with their neighbors, including the Blessed Republic and Duchy of Season. With the establishment of freedom of religion, panskismian supporters have also begun to raise the idea of a union between the Forty and Blessed Republic. However, former insurrectionists have still remained hostile to the idea of cooperating with the Blessed Republic, considering their direct support of the Kingdom of Sol during the revolution. Conglagateia

RP: Imperial Integration

As reconstruction in Siltland and Atomic Woods Governates nears completion, Emperor Śeręn X has issued a proclamation to begin the integration of all vassalized territories, including the Temple of Cheiń. The order has seen widespread outrage in the Temple, where its inhabitants have enjoyed a state of semi-independence for over 200 years. Cheiń Sonśvten has been vocal about his direct opposition, believing the full annexation will be a direct disregard of ancient Schismian tradition. The Cheiń also stated the Temple will not go through with the integration and has threatened "divine retaliation" if the Empire continues its attempts at subjugation.

RP: News! Debate Season to Resume, Siltland Protests and Riots!

With the Atomic Schism as a whole entering a lull in conflict, Schismian across the dissolved community are now looking forward to the return of the international debate season to their televisions. Though formally synonymous with the United Community, close negotiations between Trans-Schismia, the Blessed Republic, Season, and Forty, have seen agreements made to continue the most well-known Schismian tradition. The first of the debates are scheduled to begin in late January, with Ddółei Einche, having retired from her debating days, returning as the events' main host.

Not joining the debates is the Schismian Empire, which has been largely occupied with reconstruction of their vassalized states and reorganizing their political structures. In the Siltland Governate, law enforcement has been placed on its absolute edge, with crime at an all-time high and protests occurring daily. In some smaller cities, the absence of a well-established police force has seen protests turn to riots as many Siltlanders continue to reject the Imperial occupation. The firebombing of political buildings has been common in such instances, with one instance of a suicide bombing occurring as Siltland's governor was attending a prayer sigil. Though the governor survived, the attack has seen increased distrust between the Muslim and Acheinceolvist populations. Reportedly, military forces in the region have begun searching individual homes and apartments for materials for contraband materials used to make weapons and bombs.