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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Elections beginning

With some stability and security secured, the Republic announces the beginning of Icewindian Elections to fill the power gap in the nation. The Republic says to Blayredeshia they are welcomed to observe if they so choose. Elections are happening whatever happens.

Werewolf Islands
RP: Elections Start

National Union Party lead by Mr.Kah'rokta
Socialist* Party Icewindia lead by Earl Hall
Imperial-Republic Party lead by Jerry Jishi
National Confederation Party lead by Romanov Wolfenstien
Winter Wolf Unity Party lead by George Paw
Imperial-Soviet Party lead by Napoleon
Lycan Theocracy lead by Pawington Ruh-roh
Solist Council lead by Solist Preacher #5
Esolites Party lead by Ju-hei

Elections will end in a Few Months