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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: First Battle of Sagone
Sagone, a Town at the Eastern Reaches of Savai'i. Population 732. They Had not Even Heard of the Rebellion On that Fateful Day when Rebel Troops Marched into thier Town.

General Kahil Saluni, a Member of the Illustrious Saluni Family, Led the 12,000 man 4th Infantry Division into Sagone Five Days after the battle of Savu. The Residents of this Small Farming Village Spotted the Armed Soldiers as they Descended on the Town and, Thinking they were Foreigners, Hastily Assembled the 12 Man Local Milltitia and Send Drivers to Call up other Millitamen from Surronding towns and Alerted the Imperial Army of Attacking Enemy troops. Right away the Amaan High Command knew these Were the Rebels and Pounced on the Opportunity, Patching together Airstrikes and Sending in General Kalikimaloku Mata and the 7th Armored Division to Clear the Rebels from the Town. Meanwhile back in Sagone the Locals Realised their Mistake as the Republicans Were Welcomed with Open arms as the 126 Local Milltiamen Agreed to Help Defend the Town from the Imperial Assault.

Around Mid Morning 12 AFP-29 "Atoll" Fighters Decended Upon the Republicans and Launched their AMAS "Seagull" Missles at the town as the Republicans Hastily Built Up Defenses. The Rebels then Ran Up the New Flag of the Peoples Republic of Savai'i, a Red and Black flag with a Large Yellow Star in the Middle so it Waved over the Town of Sagone as the Imperial Forces Sped towards the Town.