by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: Upcoming Elections

With the elections due to happen within 2 months, all the major candidates would start ramping up even further the amount of campaigning they were doing. All 3 candidates were holding many more speeches, rallies, ad campaigns, etc. Blayredeshia would also be asked to ramp up their program against the leftists by the nationalists, as though it had been effective before, they would wish for it to become even more active to further limit leftist influence. Ernst would continue losing support to Karl, even though he had tried everything to gain more support. Meanwhile, Karl's movement was rapidly growing still, at the expense of the other parties and candidates. The nationalists would also start introducing paramilitary groups to try and help gain more supporters of the movement, and to protect themselves against the left, who would consequentially begin introducing paramilitaries as well. The stability of the republic would begin to plummet due to the polarization of the nation, adding more to many people's already extensive worries regarding the country.