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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Ferb I know what we're gonna do today

The Republic making quite outstanding progress in the region, decides to halt a bit to begin resupply missions on all fronts and reinforce, in the meantime, Wolfy sends a message to Blayredeshia, she proposes that elections be held in Icewindia oversighted by an unbiased committee, here on out referred to as the Blay-Wolf Joint Election Committee, to hold elections to decide the Icewindian future, allowing most parties to run with the exception of far right Fascists and Communist parties, but all else is fair game. This is to hope to end the power struggle and a status quo can resume in the region.

RP: New ally oh boi

The Republic agrees to a meeting, looking to expand the Wolfinite ally list, besides, the Wolfinites had plans to meet with the Canadian government at some point in the near future.

RP: Clear Waters

The Royal Fleet assisting the Blayredeshian fleet in the area advises them to stay frosty as the Wolfinites make their way slowly clearing out the mines in the area to make the journey to the coast less risky, though this process is very time consuming, the Wolfinites propose that air raids on ports, coastal factories, and Reconnaissance missions start up further inland to figure out what to do next.

Icewindia wrote:RP: Napoleon Wins out in East!

After tense situation soon Wolfen 1st was arrested on Shady Evidence of Treason. The Mysterious amount of supplies are widely used in building up the Imperial-Red Army. Of Which many begin to refer to Napoleon as "The Red Emperor" As Comrade Napoleon has merged many of Reactionary and Leftist Parties into The Imperial-Soviet as a one party Provisional Government. Many begin to Refer to the East merely as "The Reds" while those in the west would refer to themselves as "The Whites" based on faction's.

An Army of over a million stare out West to see what will happen next.

RP: The Marshall Stance on Election.

As Marshall he is now the highest ranking undisputed official with Catherine missing unable to dispute. He and Napoleon would meet and then accept Werewolf Island proposal. Now they wait for the Blayredeshian Response.

Hemlock begins to arm the Bunkers with men, weapons and ammunition in secret thinking that Blay Emperor is about to attack Icewindia in a Great Trial to form United Tengerina.

RP: Peace in Icewindia?
The Emperor's response to Wolfy's offer was one of kindness and reconciliation although he did not outright accept her proposal. Instead, the Emperor proposed that "Given that the Blayredeshian purpose for intervention is the liberation and autonomy of Icewindia being guaranteed; we assume the same for the Werewolf Islands who as a member of the Serene Ether and would never partake in the subjugation and colonization of a sovereign people, and for that reason, we propose that Hemlock and his Army, as well as all Wolfenite military officials and soldiers, withdraw to the City of Addersville and relinquish all land between there and Gerjano." with the additional promise that should the Wolfenites accept then "The Blayredeshian Army will abandon Gerjano and withdraw from the city". Meanwhile, as a sign of the Wolfenite's true commitment to peace, the Emperor has reiterated his demand that the contents of Wallace's will be released to the public in addition to the release of Catherine who the Emperor has continually accused Hemlock of holding hostage stating: "In his ploy to gain the loyalty of the people of the Rhineland; Hemlock has most likely captured the Queen-Admiral and holds her hostage, and in order for peace to occur then she must be released." The Emperor has allegedly assigned several CIS Agents to try and locate the Queen-Admiral.

RP: The Icewindian Liberation Army
After delivering another round of televised speeches from Gerjano City Hall broadcasted to Icewindia demanding Catherine and Wallace's Will's release; Emperor Blayre V announced the creation of the Icewindian Liberation Army; a reactionary right-wing militia which operates independently of the Blayredeshian Army and is composed of "all races and religions of the Icewindian realm dedicated to its liberation from non-Tengerina foreigners." It is reported that the Emperor has yet to select a leader for this militia although rumors persist he is choosing either between an officer of his own corps or from the local Icewindian populace.

RP: What Will Come (Secret to All)
Given that the Emperor expects the Werewolf Islands to reject his counter-offer for peace; the Nationalist Armies has remained constantly vigilant for the possibility of Hemlock's attack. However, the possibility remains that Wolfy will accept his offer, and thus in order to keep with his treaty of leaving Gerjano; the Emperor has decided that Gerjano will be left in the control of his ILA Militia, and that the Armies of Blayredeshia Woleve Atraland will indeed withdraw from the city... only to travel directly outside of it to set up a new temporary base thus not only keeping a major army in Icewindia but also keeping to the terms of the treaty.