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Region: The Free Nations Region

Gufand wrote:

1. It'd certainly help, included a guide of how to write laws, and people being able to contact me to check for any doubts to clear, and to see how they can increase the quallity of the bill, if possible.
2. The telegram would be structured just with the info of what happened during the time-span, including, how many bill debates occured, votes on them, votes on confirmations, basically a summary of the legislature's activity, also linking the Law Archive, and also, as stated in the dispatch, encourage people to write their own guides, which would also need to include the how to write bills guide.
3. The guide for Speakers would basically contain all the codes for bill debates, bill votes, confirmation votes, and the highlights of the rules, aka the most important ones.
4. Length shouldn't be a big issue, but if it were to, it'd be split into 2, big bills, which would only be splitted into 2 dispatches, but would still be the very same law.
5. I feel that laws tied to activity of members of government should be focused on, at least for some time, since sometimes we have a dip of activity on many members of it.
6. Not majorly, possibly adding a citizen ping in the RMB announcement too, maybe I'll think of something bigger throughout my term, but not planned as of now.
7. I've been thinking of someone to put as Deputy Speaker, but I'm still checking on this, not 100% set in stone yet.

Hopefully you got all the answers you were looking for.

2.. So the only thing left here to answer is: Do you think that an increase in regional telegrams is something we can do without overwhelming the residency?

7.. But how will you make use of that person? What duties/responsibilities will you hand over to them? How accountable or involved will they be? Why do you think it necessary to fulfill the position?