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Region: The Free Nations Region

1.. Starting off, you say “some of these ideas are...”

What are the rest?

2.. You mention incentives, but don’t actually list any. What are the incentives? Be specific, please.

3.. How would you educate members of the coming WA department? What materials would you use? How extensive would it be?

4.. What is this WA department you mention? I’ve never heard of it. If it’s part of your campaign, why didn’t you talk about it further in your campaign?

5.. “the Delegate ceasing to exist” is an exaggeration. The threat of inactivity is the threat of not doing your job, not of you CTE’ing. How will you stay active? As in, doing your job, not just signing in every 28 or 60 days.

6.. You say you have provided the loyalty of “ensuring that the existing government remains in place in case of the founder nation ceasing to exist” and will continue to do so. How have you provided such loyalty, if such an instance has never occurred? Do you expect Heaveria to abandon the Founder nation and let it CTE during your term? If not, why even bring this up?

7.. Your experience section is just titles - just words with no meaning. What have you actually done in such offices, and how has it prepared you for the Delegacy?

8.. Will there be any changes to the debate or voting system? How will you handle approving resolution proposals? How do you respond to the allegation that you are not approving proposals as much as you should?

9.. How will you foster authorship in the region?

10.. How will you secure the interests of FNR within the Security Council?

11.. What are your thoughts on recent talks about a new WA program?

12.. Why is half your campaign a clear attempt to undermine the position of your opponent in the race? Do you think that will improve your position? It seems like bad manners to focus HALF of your ENTIRE CANDIDACY to try and convince us not to vote for your opponent rather than convincing us to vote for you. In my opinion, a good candidate is one who refuses to say any bad things about their opponents out of mutual respect. This does not seem like a place of mutual respect. How do we trust you in such an exalted position after you express such a lack of respect?

13.. You say Obets has a “lack of goal substance”, when you yourself remain vague and limited in your goals and explanations. I guess my question here is What gives?