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Region: The Free Nations Region

Sparsdan wrote:

What a great question, thank you for it. As could've been seen, I was active also as My Nation's VP, and helped him run his government, being quite active in areas like Foreign Relations and communication. My Nation, however, did almost all of the overall cabinet strategy, legislature etc., and overruled me immediately when I went a bit too far in ideas incompatible with his campaign.

Its gonna be the same with Orvos and myself. I'm not that good a guy to plan everything into meticulous detail - I'm a guy that thinks of things, brainstorms, and then lets better people sort the trash from the good and then either starts working on things himself, or gives the work to the right people at the right time.

So no, the decisions and addressing all governmental issues will still be almost completely the work president Orvos, as it was with My Nation. You can imagine me as the public face of the government, the guy who puts into motion the actual work Orvos and the ministers will do. I do admit its a novel way or defining VP's work in FNR, but its what I do, and its something that works.

It is also true I often take point if any crisis (god forbid) happens in FNR. That's usually because I'm online, experienced in dealing with them and very quick to react. Still, anything I do is always with the agreement and knowledge of the president, and it won't be different this time around.

1. Heaveria, how will this be similar or different with you and Tyuleniy?

2. Spars, you say that My Nation has “overruled [you] immediately when [you] went a bit too far in ideas incompatible with his campaign.”

Do you have any ideas incompatible with Orvos’s campaign? Do you expect any disagreements with Orvos’s Presidency? If so, then how will you address it and maintain a united front? Will it interfere with the government’s productivity?