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Region: The Free Nations Region

Sparsdan wrote:
I'm not sure doing it unofficially is the way it should go. Most of the troubles we had with the previous RP region - and there were lots - were precisely because everything was done unofficially and the presidents just kinda ignored whatever was happening and whatever the community wanted until it was too late. You might be right that an elected RP minister is not the right way to go, but I say - let us try it, let us see what works in practice. I very much appreciate your TEP experience, but we gotta to things our way sometimes, too, otherwise we won't find out if there's a better way. Sparsdan way often isn't the way that works the best, but its the way that makes people interested, active, and having fun. That's the Sparsdan way.

Vote Orvos, vote Sparsdan.

Fair I suppose, although that whole “President doesn’t give a damn” issue can be solved with the President giving a damn :p

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed you’ve been answering most of my questions, and you’ve been quick to respond and firm in your answer. That’s 100000000000x the normal VP activity, almost as if you were running yourself. Will this be what it will be like with Orvos as President? His VP being more active in addressing issues and making decisions independently of the President? How will your dynamic work, and how will it be similar or different to past President-Vice President relationships?