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Region: The Free Nations Region

Castenor wrote:2. I find it hard to believe that it is illegal to host a vote among RP members alone. It’s not a real “election”, it’s an appointment made after an unofficial survey. At least that’s how I see it. I don’t think it would/should be illegal to do votes that aren’t specifically elections. I feel like this should be pushed more.

6. Because like if I was MoC again, I would die if I had to do everything I was doing to manage the Ministry and also do a newspaper. Specific example, but if it’s how I feel it is possible that others feel the same way.

8. Ministry of Engagement. Ministry of Enrichment. Ministry of Retention. Something along those lines could accurately represent what it’s all about. I mean not like exactly any of those, but something similar, based on the ideas of the Ministry’s duties/goals. This isn’t a real election point anymore I’m just spitting ideas.

13. I would consider a more “Empower the Deputy for situations like these” than a “Look to removing Minister for situations like these”. At least in the beginning.

13.5. “a bit too rigid. A little too German” is this a jab at the Schlieffen Plan?

14. Okay. A mean old man Zukchiva this dude says we should recruit new nations for TEP let’s get it done.

2. I didn't say its illegal, I said election committee does not want to do it, mostly because they feel it would be too much work. Ask them for reasons, not me.

6. They may, but that is a problem with any change - people can feel uncomfortable with them in the first week. It will come unto itself.

13. That goes hand in hand.

13.5. Hah, no, but it could be!

14. AMOM and Zuk are right in this case. Maybe. You should discuss it in TEP Discord announcement channel, that's the proper place for it.