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Region: The Free Nations Region


Castenor wrote:1.. You mention how you and Beer Boi are important in FNR. You make a list of positions and all that jazz. My question is: How has this prepared you for the Presidency? What has it taught you? How will positions that you will continue to hold (namely Cartographer) affect your performance as President?

2.. What are your plans for MoRP? Why not make it an appointed position so you as Cartographer can remain in control of how it’s run? Make sure it’s someone dedicated, prepared, and active?

3.. What’s with the Cultural rename? Works fine as Culture IMO. What are your plans for this Ministry? How will you employ new staffers?

4.. What are your plans for MoD? Do you have any plans specifically in mind for using the Military to grow closer to our allies? How will you recruit new soldiers?

5.. What are your plans for FA? How will you bring us closer to our allies? What kind of partnerships should we be focusing on? Will you be seeking to expand, decrease, or keep the number of embassies the same? Who do you see as our top three allies and how will you keep it that way? Do you wish to grow closer with our top allies mostly, or focus on everyone equally? How will foreign updates work? How will you employ new ambassadors?

6.. In my experience, Immigration ministries function a lot better when you’re not forcing them into new functions. Immigration and Internal Affairs aren’t that much alike. Pushing them together will give everyone more duties and complicate our system. This will make both sides of the Ministry less efficient, all in the name of making less Ministries. I get that you want to streamline things, but that doesn’t always mean merging or doing away with ministries, especially if they are important. No real question posed here, but if you could address my opinions as questioning, that would be great.

7.. I disagree with the reasoning behind the aforementioned merger. IA is not as cut and dry as “keep people here”. IA, for the most part afaik, runs the Newspaper, which we’ll get to in a second, but in my experience, Newspapers ALWAYS need dedicated Ministries for them. Attempts in TEP, at least, to merge it with a new function are always failures. Not to mention how different “Inform the people” is from “Recruit people to the region”. Again, this is more of an opinionated commentary to be addressed than hard questions.

8.. So MoRA is basically “Office of the VP”? Why does this need staffers? Will it have an elected position then? In which case, what if that’s not the VP? How will a Deputy Minister be chosen? Are they technically Vice Vice President? Why not just give its duties to the Vice President in general and avoid the complicated bureaucracy of it all? Isn’t this just “Chief of Staff duties” but with extra steps?

9.. You mention that MoRA is not needed, but you don’t mention why. Do you not think that such a position is beneficial to connecting the community to the government? Why not? Were there any specific performance issues that led to this decision? Don’t you think using the same name will confuse people? If you wanted to disband it why didn’t you just disband it? Why the complicated nonsense?

10.. To the newspaper. As I mentioned before, the newspaper is ALWAYS in need of its own Ministry. Shoving it off to culture with the excuse that “It entertains” is rather weak in my opinion. MoC already has a lot of important duties. How do we know that this won’t crash and burn the newspaper, bringing down our Cultural department with it? Tearing this away from MoIA turns MoIA into practically nothing as far as I am aware, which justifies merging it, I suppose, but I would just drop it entirely. Here, it seems like this will absolutely 100% overwhelm the Ministry of Culture, which is already lacking in staff.

11.. I just realized that MoIA also does dispatches. Apologies. Instead of editing my past points like a normal person, I will make this addendum: Still. Keep it separate. Dispatches, Newspaper, whatever. Information. Should stay together or be apart independently, like in TEP. It makes no sense for recruiters to also be given the massive task of maintaining and modernizing our dispatches. Like MoC with the newspaper, it just seems like this is setting the Ministry up to crash and burn under the pressure of so many responsibilities and duties with this number of staff and no clear program to employ more. All this might sound good on paper, that you’re simplifying the system and clearly defining a chunk of duties, but I’ve seen attempts like this in TEP, and idealized as they are, they always end with the Ministries buckling under the pressure. Only here, the Ministries cannot be reorganized in the middle of a term (afaik) which means it will be stuck like this for three months.

12.. You mention for like a second that you have Community Manager and Advisor positions. Does this mean that you are bringing back those appointed positions? If so, it addresses my point about MoRA being removed, but it also confuses things seeing as you said we don’t need it anymore. Also, what’s your reasoning behind bringing back Advisors? Do you have any people in mind for all those positions?

13.. “I promise I will revitalize FNR by ensuring the activity of the Ministers”


14.. “have FNR Nations increase once again”

How? Especially since you’re distracting recruiters with a lot of new duties?

15.. What are your thoughts on transparency? How will you ensure it in your administration?

16.. I probably was a tad harsher than usual here (that’s saying something) but I want to repeat: No hard feelings. Both you and Heav are great folks with good heads on your shoulders. May the best candidate win.

Castenor wrote:

Doctors Orvos

For the points that this dude addressed, feel free to ignore them unless you have something specifically new to add. Otherwise, just reply to the ones he didn’t and then to this and it should be complete.

1:As I already said in the previous Presidential Election "Well, being the Deputy Minister and then the Minister of Immigration surely helped me understand how Ministries and the Government in general work, while in a certain sense RP Manager was like a unelected President of the RP with the Moderators as the Government, so by that I would say I already have experience with leading people in important positions, I think a good leader need to be active, patient with people, nice and must know when he need to impose his authority when the situation requires it and must know the government system he is operating, and I believe of have these traits.", which partialy respond to the question, as for the rest, I belive the cartographer position will not affect my performance as president at all thanks to all the time I have, furthermore I will partialy be relieved of the RP Moderation duties as there will be a democratic elected RP Minister instead of a RP Manager, which if I become President I will not hold.

Sparsdan wrote:

2. It has always been planned that the MoRP will be an elected position, not an appointed one. Its true that RP is a specific beast altogether, but always putting in charge people who are chosen by someone else and not the people seem to go against the very nature of our democracy. I find it a bit presumptive of you to say that we should make sure to find someone dedicated, prepared and active. I believe that the RPers themselves know who can represent them the best, and will vote for such a person as they deem appropriate - and would not wish us to force on them someone we choose, or some other future president will choose. Power to the people, my friend, power to the people.

3:Just a slight rename for represent that Culture will, in case I win, also have the FNR Herald/newspaper, I would like if the Cultural Affairs Minister could finish what I started in my Culture term and having much more interregional events.

Sparsdan wrote:

5. Communication, its all about communication. Most of the current ambassadors and diplomats are only rarely active in regions they stay in, and generally don't much mingle with the locals and try to be a part of their society, too. I think that can be changed. You yourself are the best example of how diplomatic relationships can be made much better by friendly activity and mixing of citizens in different regions. Would our relationships with TEP be the same without you being our ambassador to them and simultaneously their ambassador to us? I doubt it. Its truly a unique thing, but such unique examples we have to promote and strive to find them in other regions. Heaveria, afaik, is quite active in Kaer Solas, while Thaelle in The Rejected Realms (if I remember). I think such opportunities should be used in foreign affairs and, by extension, in culture.

I think the primary partnership we want are those that will enable us to promote activity - meaning inter-regional events like the bracket tournament and such - and those that will llow us to have good fun in the company of good people. Nothing more, nothing else. Idealism of course come into it, but only in a limited way. Fascist regions are, of course, a big no-no.

Concerning the number of embassies, I believe we need to keep them at such a number that we can staff them with good ambassadors and promote real relations, not just "here is embassy and goodbye". Its not about the number of them, its about the depth. I would not be against more relations, but they need to make sense and there should be reasonable interest from both sides, as I have seen, for example, with Wintercrest.

I will not name top 3 allies, I feel that would be insulting against the rest of them. All allies are equal, though of course some relations are deeper than others. Those that know it, know it.

Foreign updates will work in mostly the same was as they do now, I see nothing wrong with them. New ambassadors will be employed normally, though better explanations of what is expected of them will be done.

6. This was something we discussed at length, and decided this would be the best course of action. The "proximity", you could say, of Immigration and Internal Affairs isn't so close, true, but that is not a problem in itself. The minister himself does not - and indeed, should not - do all the work. The staff can do most of the recruitment - its very easy anyway and not very time consuming - while he can focus on dispatches. Or, the deputy can do that? The possibilities are endless, and the minister can decided for himself as long as the job gets done, of course with consultation of the VP. Ministers are not robots, as are not the staff members of ministries.

7. The explanation is lacking a bit there, but retention is a part of the job that should be shared by more ministries, from culture to the newly established ones. Newspaper might need a ministry of its own, but honestly, making one for it while its still in the diaper phase is not much useful, there is still far too much to resolve in terms or organization. I will feel more comfortable appoint someone to a position where he would be responsible for the newspaper, if necessary, rather than making it a strictly elected position. As with the beginning of RP, I feel it's not appropriate to elect someone in this phase of the process. In the future, should the necessity of it prove, a new ministry can be established by the next government.

8. What? I have no idea what you're talking about. Ministry of Regional Administration will be abolished completely, and most of its job will transfer to VP - myself.

9. It is needed, but I don't believe a minister is needed for it. A VP can handle it, and I believe he should, as he stands in between the president and the government as his right hand - the "executioner" of his will, if you would. The specific issue is that such a position, frankly, took manpower from ministries that need it more for a ministry that does not do enough work; using the calendar, making sure people do their job and such is an extension of VP's duties, and makes sense as such. There is no complicated nonsense, nothing uses the same name - Regional Administration gets abolished, and that's it. I don't see where you get notions about any complications, it just gets disbanded.

10. Nah.

11. Answer 6. is good for this too.

12. Yes, Community Manager and Advisors to the President will stay. It does not complicate anything - "nothing changes" is probably the simplest it can get, friend.

13. By being much stricter about inactivity. Ministers will be forced to inform the cabinet if they know they will be inactive, if only for a day, and will be asked to resign if they knew their period of inactivity could be longer. The biweekly cabinet meetings the current president My Nation did worked well, but not much was enforced when the ministers didn't react properly. I intend to change that.

14. Recruiters will not be distracted. I understand you don't have as much experience with it considering TEP does not need to recruit, but recruiting is very easy thanks to our bot and the processes we have; it can be done very easily at any time, for example when watching a movie or gaming. Other duties don't come into it. If you become staff in the new ministry, you decide what you focus on - and if you want to focus only on recruitment, as do some citizens that are not even affiliated in any ministry and yet recruit very often (like Emaha), its completely okay, and your name will be recognized, as it is now every month due to manual recruitment leadership board. Also, I donate ton of stamps, that helps.

15. Mostly the same processes as previously, there's not much to make better.

16. I just made you eat your words on multiple points. You can do better mate.

These responses from me and Sparsdan should answer everthing.

If you haven't yet don't forget to check my campaign!

Orvos Campaign Interview

:Breaking news! i'm Tv reporterball and we received the news that Doctors Orvos, current elected Minister of Culture and the appointed RP Manager and Cartographer, has declared his candidacy for President, again, and i'm here in Italy, specifically in the Emilia-Romagna region, even more specifically in a little town on a hill, to interview Mr Doctors Orvos, let's ring the doorbell...



:Wait, Tv reporterball? didn't Castenor kill you?.

:Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated Mr.Doctors Orvos

:Alright, also, Orvos will do.

:Alright Orvos, we should start the interview, are you ready?

:I have done this before, I can do this again, so yeah, i'm ready!

:First question! since you have declared your candidacy for President you must have a Vice, who is it?


:Wait, I think I know that name...

:Yeah, it should be familiar, isn't it? after all he is a very important person in FNR, let me show you.

(Spardan Discord Profile Image)


:Wait, was the last image relevant?

:Oh, I have put that for error.

:Alright... anyway, yeah, he looks very important to FNR.

:And i'm also pretty important if I can say it myself, over the course of 1 year I have been The Deputy Minister of Immigration, The Minister of Immigration, The RP Manager, the Cartographer and the Minister of Culture, plus I have created the current RP and it's map.

:Alright, second question! what Ministries will be there under you if you win the presidency?

:FNR Erit omnis divisa in partes tredecim

:Ohhhh, latin yet again!

:Yeah, it means "FNR will be divided in thirreeen parts", but I guess I screwed up with latin again probably, anyway thats beyond the point, talking about points i also made yet another map for illustrate my point!

:As you can see under my presidency FNR will be divided like this!

:Oh, good, this time you haven't implied that you are gonna win by putting the president office where your RP nation is.

:Yeah, I wouldn't ever dare to give such subliminal messages.



:I just noticed this.

:Isn't this where your RP colony is? and you put the presidential office there...

:Oh, it's just a coincidence...

:Sure, anyway, let me check this map now, there the Ministry of Roleplaying... good that it's gonna be restabilished, there is also Culture Affairs which I presume is normal Culture... there is Defence and Foreign Affairs, for now it seems the usual.

:Again, look better.

:Wait, Regional Management? and where are Immigration and Internal Affairs?

:Yeah, you see, it's pratically a merge of Immigration and Internal Affairs, My reasoning behind combining Immigration and Internal Affairs is:both Immigration and Internal Affairs are incomplete ministries, Immigration is just all about recruiting, they tell you that you also need to try to convince people to remain but other than welcome them that goal is very vague on how to do it, while Internal Affairs as much more clear on how to convince people to remain and Internal Affairs alone doesn't do much actualy, so, Immigration and Internal Affairs when combined should complete each other.

:I see, where is Regional Admnistration?

:Wait, this can be responded by my running mate Sparsdan.

:It's responsabilities will be given to the Vice President, Vice president doesn't do that much otherwise, and this is not particularly time-consuming. It will help if VP spends more time with ministers helping them around with their tasks and managing everyone's time - including his own. Thus, it connects the VP more with his cabinet while also disbanding a ministry that is not needed, and people interested in the government can be used in better positions.

:I see, what Ministry will be responsable of the Newspaper?

:Ministry of Cultural Affairs, as it should have always been, you see the currently The Ministry of Culture organizes game sessions and fun events in general, while the Ministry of Communication, a Ministry that existed months ago and of which many who are reading this probably aren't aware of, used to produce the FNR News Paper, the FNR News Paper talked about the events that happened in FNR and in our former RP, in theory the current Ministry of Internal Affairs have the job of writing the FNR News Paper, but sadly it's still in developtment, I want to finish the revival of the FNR News Paper, but did it really make sense as it's own Ministry? and did it make sense as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? think about it, The Ministry of Culture is works to entertain FNR Members, and what the FNR NewsPaper did? entertain FNR Members! both Ministries had the same purpose but in different ways, while the Ministry of Internal Affairs job are convince people to remain in FNR and update the dispatches, what does The Ministry of Internal Affairs really have in common with the FNR News Paper? We want to inform the Citizens of The Free Nations Region about the happenings in the Free Nations Region in a fun manner. I deem that it only make sense that the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Communication have to be combined to form the Ministry of Cultural Affairs

:I see, can you explain if possible the responsabilities of the Ministries that will be under you if you win?

:I can,

The Ministry of Regional Management job?

Recruit, welcoming new FNR Members and ensuring the satisitifaction of the citizens/user retention but also and innovating the methods of recruitment but will also update the dispatches and create needed dispatches in the FNR official nation and cordinating outward communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, oh, and also helping new members in the Q&A helps.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs job?

Planning regional and inter-regional events, working on and releasing regulary the FNR News Paper, planning game and music sessions and hosting the debate clue mainly, but also assuring that the engagement of FNR citizens is high and new FNR residents are acquired through inter-regional events.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs job?

Managing diplomatic relationships with others regions, assigning ambassadors to the regions with which we have embassies, closing and opening embassies and ensuing inter-regional treaties mainly, but also ensure a positive outward communication & regional image and coordinating military communication with the Ministry of Defense and ensuring Interregional Cultural exchange by working with the Minister of Cultural Affairs

The Ministry of Defense job?

Managing all matters regarding the Free Nations Defense Association. Advising the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President regarding Regional Security. Provide monthly military reports.

And last but not any less important The Ministry of Roleplay job,

the Ministry of Roleplaying wouldn't have executives (unless you count the roleplayers themselfes) and instead the ones helping the Minister and Deputy Minister of roleplaying are appointed RP IC Moderators, the Minister and his Deputy when elected will become RP IC Moderators by default, the Minister of RP and his Deputy job are managing all things RP Related except map (The map will be still be managed by the Cartographer, myself) and ensuring that the roleplayers are having fun.

Thats all for the Ministers.

:Alright Orvos, how do you...

:Why are you showing me the Italian region called Lazio?

:Fool! i'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you! thats not Lazio! thats the ancient Roman Kingdom!

:But why you are showing Rome again?

:You want me to show Rome again? good! here we go!


:Reject modern nation! we must all return to ancient Rome!

:Anyway... what others plans do you have for your term if you win?

:Well, if i'm elected the positions of President advisors and Community Manager will continue to exist, the Advisors of the President advice the President while the Community Manager will ensure that the Government and the citizens remain in contact and in good relationships, regarding promises I promise I will revitalize FNR by ensuring the activity of the Ministers, I promise to stop the stagnation and have FNR Nations increase once again, I promise to ensure that the FNR News Paper will exist and released regulary, I promise a more organised government. That doesn't only works to retain the current system but actually works to make it better to help in the progress of FNR, i'm confident that I will bring FNR to new heights and I pledge to replicate the big success of our current RP on a region-wide scale during my Presidency, thats all.

:Alright Orvos, thanks for this very... interesting interview

:It was nothing, just my duty, and now it's time for my dramatic exit!


Special thanks to Phoenician State for making the countryball for Tv reporter this time around.
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Also, here also a short summary of my campaign.

Campaign summary:
• Revamp of ministries
-o Ministry of Roleplay is going to be reestablished.
-o Ministry of Cultural Affairs is going to be responsible for the newspaper of FNR along with the staff.
-o Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will stay the same.
-o Ministry of Immigration and Internal Affairs will be merged to a new Ministry of Regional Management and will combine both of them.
-o Ministry of Regional Administration will be abolished, and its work will go to the vice-president.
• Community Manager and Advisor to the President positions will continue to exist.
• Newspaper will be released regularly
• Recruitment of nations will be better organized, with periodic tournaments
• Activity of the ministers themselves will be better regulated; if a minister will know he won’t have enough time for his ministry, he will be asked to take a short leave of absence
or, in case of a long-term inactivity, will be asked to resign beforehand.
-o Inactivity will be dealt with more severely than before, and every minister will be tasked with finding a deputy as soon as possible, along with active staff that will truly help him with his work.
-o We’ll make full use of the Vanguard council. Any inactive ministry will be quickly taken care of by the council, ensuring that the critically important work of every ministry will always be done.
• Revamp of the VP and his work. We feel the position of vice president was not utilized properly in previous administrations, and we feel the VP should be responsible for handling the management of the work that the president has given the ministers – taking care that the job is done on time and in a suitable manner, along with the use of the calendar.
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