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Castenor wrote:

2. Perhaps that is the case but for elected Minister positions it isnít just the RPers voting, is it? You could easily make an appointed position by law and appoint only people who were voted in by the RP people. Thatís what we do in TEP, and it ensures that only RPers are electing the person in charge of the RP, not people that arenít involved at all. It allows flexibility. And the idea that certain appointed positions goes against democracy is one I frankly donít agree with. TEP has a lot less elected executive positions than FNR, and we still have strong accountability and strong democracy.

5. Can confirm that Heav is active in Kaer Solas. Co-Founder and Vice Archmaster.

6. Well sure Ministers shouldnít do all the work but staffing is rather low at this time, afaik, and the Ministers still have to oversee/manage/organize all of it, and increasing levels of complexity with what they have jurisdiction over is something I donít reasonably see as an upgrade, especially if, as we agreed, on they arenít as close in proximity, which demands varying management styles and varying policies/techniques over one lone Ministry. Added on with the new Partyís goals of ďreducing the number of ministriesĒ, it just feels like itís done to satisfy that promise by the Party.

8. Ah okay so I think my only valid point in this regard is ďWonít having the same name for one Ministry as an older completely different one, confuse people?Ē

10. Honestly this point was rather similar to 6, so at this point it really doesnít matter :p

11. Exactly. Point six but applied to a different ministry instead of grouping it as one point for some reason. Forgive my brain for being a bit subpar at that time of day.

12. So the only thing that remains here is ďDo you have people in mind for these positions?Ē

13. Okay. So at least one day of unregistered inactivity would result in you asking for resignation? Does that not seem a little extreme? What about LoA? What are your thoughts on Heaveriaís proposed 8-day-vote-of-no-confidence plan or something similar? What happens if Ministers refuse to resign?

14. What Iím taking away from this is that TEP should start recruiting so I have a better understanding of the practice.

16. The angles cut me when I try to think chew.

2. We discussed this, but the idea was rebuked by the electoral commitee that is not willing to do separate elections for only RP folk. We would be for it otherwise. This is the second best option.

6. I don't feel like that, but you're free to voice your opinion on the matter of course. We'll see in due time whether our way proves to be the right one.

8. Yeah, it will a bit. I think we didn't choose exactly a brilliant name, and I might see if we won't change it when announcing the positions themselves.

12. Yes. I'll not name them, however. I can say that I'd like Vostrov to stay as the Community Manager as I believe they do a brilliant job. I could also mention that in the case we win, you will be asked to become one of the advisors, as you were during my tenure as a president.

13. It is extreme, yes; one day, I wouldn't say exactly, more like a day I'll write "hey, what's up? Are you okay? If you cannot be online at this time, please let us know" and with 3 days and more, then more drastic solutions will come up. I'm nothing if not understanding, unexpected things happen to everyone and sometimes you just can't be online, its a game, after all. Whnever it is possible, however, I'd like, to get at least a short message "sorry man, I'll be out for 3 days" so I can say "yeah, not a problem, your deputy will do your job for a while" and some such. This should happen on an individual basis, really, every person is different and acts differently under particular circumstances; VP should be resolving such things on his own discretion.

Concerning LOA, yeah, sure. I don't see a problem as long as I'm told and as long as they aren't very frequent.

Heaveria's plan seems, like all his plans, good to me on the outside, but a bit too rigid. A little too German. I like to take more personal approach with ministers and members of the government - we're all different, anyways.

14. Yes.

16. Ouch.