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Almerdonia wrote:Question

Where did you get your nations name and what inspired the backstory of your nation?

Kuerhyedín means speaker of Kuerhyét, which I envisioned anglified as Kuerhyedeen; to which I stupidly added -stan.
It's a silly name which I regret making. If I had made my nation today the name would be Kuerma, which is the native country name in Kuerhyét.

As for the name of the language, I'm just going to quote an old post of mine:

Kuerhyedeenistan wrote:I recently found the initial planning document for Kuerhyét, which started its life as Querhyetí in early 2017. I quickly abandoned it, and didn't take it up again until around the summer of 2018. Anyway, it made me remember where I took the name from, and what initial design goal I envisioned for it.

I'd browsed Wikipedia for nice language descriptions, as I have a habit of doing, and stumbled across the page of the Querandí language. It didn't have a lot of information, as the language died before it had been properly studied. Now, even the wiki page is gone. Despite the lack of info, the name intrigued me however. It made me think of a divergent variety of Quenya, and so I decided to make something like that myself.

In my document, I state that Querhyetí shall be to Quenya what Åarjelsamien (South Sami) is to Finnish. With this I meant clearly related but yet really different. Åarjelsamien has a lot of words cognate with Finnish, and quite a few grammatical and typological similarities, but also shows heavy substrate influence and tons of separate developments and innovation. It's also a lot less accessible and more "mysterious" (for lack of a better word.. maybe exotic is more fitting?) than Finnish.

There still are a few "cognate" words to Quenya in the Kuerhyét vocabulary, but I strayed pretty far from the design principle early on, and it was completely abandoned in the second iteration of the language starting in 2018. Sami languages have always been a lot more interesting to me than Tolkienan languages..

So, do you have any behind-the-scenes background histories for your languages and their names? It would be interesting to see. :)