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Almerdonia wrote:Question

Where did you get your nation's name and what inspired the backstory of your nation?

Jewish fishermen claimed territory on unsettled islands originally belonging to Greece, located between Cyprus and Lebanon. The western Fekerstanis are living as shepherds and architects, sculpturing out the walls, pillars, windows, and mosaic for the seven synagogues of Fekerstani. Western Fekerstani (פגרסתנא, φάγερχταναι, Fágerchtanai/Fagerstanna) is sometimes considered as an unstated nation because of the stronger influence of Greek culture that separates the Fagerstanpolis (western Fekerstanis) and Fekerpolis (eastern). Fagerstanna is located in the ocean between Cyprus and Crete.

Treaties regarding whether Fekerstani was to be declared independent or not were held in Alexandria, Beirut, Istanbul, Heraklion, and Jerusalem between September and March (1931-32)
The treaty was signed with three main goals:

1. Fekerstani shall have a good relationship with opportunities for political and economic cooperation between Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Israel. The sworn nations will be allowed to plant embassies in Fekerstani.

2. Armed forces, cargo ships, and other vehicles and forces may not, without Fekerstani's consent, be located 70 km off the coast of Fekerstani.

3. Fekerstani is not allowed to expand its borders and conquer new lands unless voluntary states themselves want to donate land. What Fekerstani, on the other hand, is allowed to do is build artificial islands up to 70 km off the coast.

The country's independence was proclaimed on May 5th, 1933
In 1942, after the independence of Cyprus, Fagerstanna and Feckerpolis were invaded by missiles from Cypriot fighter jets.

Cyprus had a coup to conquer Fekerstani's lands but armed internal forces originating from Greece and Lebanon provided Fekerstani with weapons, provisions, and medical care.
In 1945, Cyprus was forced to capitulate, sign the "Fecker Treaty", pay off public debt and contribute three years of compulsory community service.