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Region: The Free Nations Region

Castenor wrote:hugely long text that is mostly just random questions

I cannot speak on all matters for Orvos, but we did work on the campaign together a lot and as such feel comfortable answering some of your points.

2. It has always been planned that the MoRP will be an elected position, not an appointed one. Its true that RP is a specific beast altogether, but always putting in charge people who are chosen by someone else and not the people seem to go against the very nature of our democracy. I find it a bit presumptive of you to say that we should make sure to find someone dedicated, prepared and active. I believe that the RPers themselves know who can represent them the best, and will vote for such a person as they deem appropriate - and would not wish us to force on them someone we choose, or some other future president will choose. Power to the people, my friend, power to the people.

5. Communication, its all about communication. Most of the current ambassadors and diplomats are only rarely active in regions they stay in, and generally don't much mingle with the locals and try to be a part of their society, too. I think that can be changed. You yourself are the best example of how diplomatic relationships can be made much better by friendly activity and mixing of citizens in different regions. Would our relationships with TEP be the same without you being our ambassador to them and simultaneously their ambassador to us? I doubt it. Its truly a unique thing, but such unique examples we have to promote and strive to find them in other regions. Heaveria, afaik, is quite active in Kaer Solas, while Thaelle in The Rejected Realms (if I remember). I think such opportunities should be used in foreign affairs and, by extension, in culture.

I think the primary partnership we want are those that will enable us to promote activity - meaning inter-regional events like the bracket tournament and such - and those that will llow us to have good fun in the company of good people. Nothing more, nothing else. Idealism of course come into it, but only in a limited way. Fascist regions are, of course, a big no-no.

Concerning the number of embassies, I believe we need to keep them at such a number that we can staff them with good ambassadors and promote real relations, not just "here is embassy and goodbye". Its not about the number of them, its about the depth. I would not be against more relations, but they need to make sense and there should be reasonable interest from both sides, as I have seen, for example, with Wintercrest.

I will not name top 3 allies, I feel that would be insulting against the rest of them. All allies are equal, though of course some relations are deeper than others. Those that know it, know it.

Foreign updates will work in mostly the same was as they do now, I see nothing wrong with them. New ambassadors will be employed normally, though better explanations of what is expected of them will be done.

6. This was something we discussed at length, and decided this would be the best course of action. The "proximity", you could say, of Immigration and Internal Affairs isn't so close, true, but that is not a problem in itself. The minister himself does not - and indeed, should not - do all the work. The staff can do most of the recruitment - its very easy anyway and not very time consuming - while he can focus on dispatches. Or, the deputy can do that? The possibilities are endless, and the minister can decided for himself as long as the job gets done, of course with consultation of the VP. Ministers are not robots, as are not the staff members of ministries.

7. The explanation is lacking a bit there, but retention is a part of the job that should be shared by more ministries, from culture to the newly established ones. Newspaper might need a ministry of its own, but honestly, making one for it while its still in the diaper phase is not much useful, there is still far too much to resolve in terms or organization. I will feel more comfortable appoint someone to a position where he would be responsible for the newspaper, if necessary, rather than making it a strictly elected position. As with the beginning of RP, I feel it's not appropriate to elect someone in this phase of the process. In the future, should the necessity of it prove, a new ministry can be established by the next government.

8. What? I have no idea what you're talking about. Ministry of Regional Administration will be abolished completely, and most of its job will transfer to VP - myself.

9. It is needed, but I don't believe a minister is needed for it. A VP can handle it, and I believe he should, as he stands in between the president and the government as his right hand - the "executioner" of his will, if you would. The specific issue is that such a position, frankly, took manpower from ministries that need it more for a ministry that does not do enough work; using the calendar, making sure people do their job and such is an extension of VP's duties, and makes sense as such. There is no complicated nonsense, nothing uses the same name - Regional Administration gets abolished, and that's it. I don't see where you get notions about any complications, it just gets disbanded.

10. Nah.

11. Answer 6. is good for this too.

12. Yes, Community Manager and Advisors to the President will stay. It does not complicate anything - "nothing changes" is probably the simplest it can get, friend.

13. By being much stricter about inactivity. Ministers will be forced to inform the cabinet if they know they will be inactive, if only for a day, and will be asked to resign if they knew their period of inactivity could be longer. The biweekly cabinet meetings the current president My Nation did worked well, but not much was enforced when the ministers didn't react properly. I intend to change that.

14. Recruiters will not be distracted. I understand you don't have as much experience with it considering TEP does not need to recruit, but recruiting is very easy thanks to our bot and the processes we have; it can be done very easily at any time, for example when watching a movie or gaming. Other duties don't come into it. If you become staff in the new ministry, you decide what you focus on - and if you want to focus only on recruitment, as do some citizens that are not even affiliated in any ministry and yet recruit very often (like Emaha), its completely okay, and your name will be recognized, as it is now every month due to manual recruitment leadership board. Also, I donate ton of stamps, that helps.

15. Mostly the same processes as previously, there's not much to make better.

16. I just made you eat your words on multiple points. You can do better mate.