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Region: The Free Nations Region

Tyuleniy wrote:I cannot speak for Heaveria, but when he asked me to be his running mate he mentioned that he wanted to make a focal point of his campaign be ramping up government (a.k.a getting more/new nations involved in government). What better way to commit yourself to that goal than pick a running mate who could be considered "new blood."

As for my duties, I assume, if elected, they would be very similar to that of other VPs. Not only would I serve as an advisor to both the President and the Government, but Heaveria and I value a more pro-active relationship. One, where we can make decisions together as a team and both of our words can have just as much directive. As the president told me himself, "I value a Vice-President who is willing to speak against me and bring unique perspectives."

I think my involvement in Regional politics and in the RP have shown that I'm not only up to the task but that I will thrive in it.

Thanks for the question, and hopefully Heaveria will have more to say.


So your involvement can be accurately summarized as a symbol for one of the campaign’s primary goals and a way to introduce a vocal advisor?