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Region: The Free Nations Region

Castenor wrote:Oh wait I forgot entirely to ask about the VP.

Heaveria and Tyuleniy:

The campaign barely mentions Tyuleniy as VP, and doesn’t talk about their role at all. What made you choose Tyuleniy and what role will they play in your administration? Like what duties, how will they function, that sorta thing.

I cannot speak for Heaveria, but when he asked me to be his running mate he mentioned that he wanted to make a focal point of his campaign be ramping up government (a.k.a getting more/new nations involved in government). What better way to commit yourself to that goal than pick a running mate who could be considered "new blood."

As for my duties, I assume, if elected, they would be very similar to that of other VPs. Not only would I serve as an advisor to both the President and the Government, but Heaveria and I value a more pro-active relationship. One, where we can make decisions together as a team and both of our words can have just as much directive. As the president told me himself, "I value a Vice-President who is willing to speak against me and bring unique perspectives."

I think my involvement in Regional politics and in the RP have shown that I'm not only up to the task but that I will thrive in it.

Thanks for the question, and hopefully Heaveria will have more to say.