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Almerdonia wrote:Question

Where did you get your nations name and what inspired the backstory of your nation?

1) Mazdak The Younger, Son of Bamdad and his proto-socialist, vegetarian, pacifist, altruistic-hedonist revolution in 530s Sassanid Persia.
2) Euhemerus' fictional island of the gods in the Indian Ocean Pankhaia:
3) Sinbad's Voyages in the Indian Ocean
4) Swahili folklore about Persian refugees fleeing to islands in the Indian Ocean
5) Mythology of the Vazimba of Madagascar
6) Qarmatianism in the Persian Gulf and Khurramism in Azerbaijan
7) Dabestan-e Mazaheb description of Mazdakism as well as other Mazdaean denominations
8) Seychelles, Socotra, Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius
9) Submerged Mauritia subcontinent
10) My native country of Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands