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Region: The Free Nations Region

Castenor here. Too lazy to log out of this account, into the other, then out of the other, and into this again.

People of Nolan wrote:1. I don't really know. I think it's like half seriousness, half joke, kinda like Vermin Supreme's recent presidential campaign.
2. Oh cr*p. I'm gonna die.
3. Ok. I wrote this on the spot this morning. I couldn't think of anything else to promise.
4. I have no experience and plans, that's why I'm running. But overall yeah, I'm gonna lose.

Donít say youíre gonna lose. If you want this, then work for it. I bring up issues so that you may fix them. If you do just that, you can definitely have a good shot.

Obets wrote:Know that I am the one who originally pointed out the two recent spamming incidents. You all owe me one.

I take offense to this. Just because you reported spam does not mean in any way that anyone owes you anything. Certainly not enough to elect you to a high office. As an RO (albeit in a different region, TEP), I know that individuals are not responsible for cleaning up the region. It is the ROs and the Site Mods that deal with those trouble makers. People that report them are good, but certainly arenít doing anything more than what is expected, and certainly are owed nothing.

Apart from this, which I felt the need to address, I am satisfied that my questions have been answered.