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Region: The Free Nations Region

Castenor wrote:2.. As an RO, yes, but thatís not its job. Iím fairly certain the only reason the WAD has authority over polls is to make WA related polls. The MoC remains the person in charge of polls that engage the community.

4.. ohhhhhhhhhh okay. So what issues have you faced within the community? How did you respond? What issues do you see now that need to be addressed?

6.. I mean they can be active but if the Party itself isnít active or doing anything, then a leadership position over it would mean nothing. So my point is basically how does your leadership position lend itself to tangible leadership experience, not just a length of time in that office or the holding of that office itself?

8.. What skills did you learn in these leadership positions and how will you relate them to FNR?

9.. How will you gauge the majority opinion on approving proposals? At what point during the open vote will you consider the majority of the region as decided? What does this system mean for the current system on discord? How will you promote our ideals in the SC?

10.. Refer to 9, since at this point my questions in this area are just part of point 9.

11.. Thatís the MoCís job. Iím fairly certain the WAD has no authority in that area.

News Regarding Obets WA Campaign

Two new issues have risen for the new WA Candidate. The first are answering questions made by Castenor:

2. Yeah, but I'm just saying the Delegate could be more involved in those types of things.

4. Know that I am the one who originally pointed out the two recent spamming incidents. You all owe me one. Plus, the Centrist Party has had many issues. We have a dispatch full of centrist party legislation, and we have been able to successfully pass legislation easily. Under my leadership in the Centrist Party we have gotten a lot done, as you can see.

6. We hold meetings every week or so to discuss varying matters of importance in the party. Also, see above about getting things done in the party.

8. I learned how to cooperate with other people, I also learned more about legislative work and how to get things done when it comes to legislation. The cooperating with people goes along another huge part of my campaign that involves helping new players and being an even more friendly and welcoming region. Plus, this region passes a lot of legislation and I have experience working with a lot of legislation. But the same goes for Narvatus too...

9. This does make a good point and does show some flaws in my voting system proposal. Maybe we should keep with the current discord system. When it comes to approving proposals I will allow people to reach out to me in the RMB or the discord if they want an approval proposed. I will also approve proposals that I like. I just want things to get done quicker in the WA, which means that proposals need to be approved.

11. Refer to 2. It may be the MoC's job but the Delegate could be more involved with it.

The next piece of news is a new ideal that has been added to the Obets for Delegate campaign.

The largest part of my campaign is my pledge to be more involved with proposals and for the Free Nations Region to have more of a stance in the WA. I have launched a new initiative in my campaign that I will also develop more WA proposals. I want to set up a system where we can all work together to create WA proposals through the delegate. We can all discuss international issues in which we as a whole can develop proposals. We can then have even more influence on the WA. There will also be a system where if you every submit a proposal, you should let me know. Then I can approve it immediately.