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Region: The Free Nations Region

People of Nolan wrote:Hey! I am officially announcing my campaign for Speaker! It's probably not gonna go so well, but oh well.
Vote your friendly Socialist/Centrist/Liberal
People of Nolan on the 8th!

1.. Is this a meme campaign? I mean I saw a fair bit of jokes and thatís alright but, coupled with little substance, it makes me think it might be a meme campaign. I have nothing against meme campaigns, Iím just curious.

2.. Speaker is not a ďstupidly easy jobĒ. You need to represent the citizenry and engage them in our legislature, aside from the bare minimum of opening, counting, closing, and posting votes - which, by the way, is no negligible amount of work alone.

3.. Your only other promise is to moderate debates. Every other candidate will do that. Itís part of the job.

4.. Why should we vote for you compared to the other campaigns with substantial and numerous promises/goals? You donít talk about having any experience, being active, having any leadership ability, having any real plans for the office, or really anything better than a candidate that doesnít post a dispatch at all.