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Region: The Free Nations Region

Obets wrote:Obets For WA Delegate!

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Obets for WA Delegate
Fun, Caring, Dedicated, and Intellectual Representative: Obets, the perfect Delegate for the betterment of the FNR

This term for Narvatus is almost over. The FNR general elections are coming up. And Obets has just declared candidacy. The Free Nations Region needs a new face in the World Assembly representative's position. This is why Obets is the perfect new face...

The Free Nations Region should be a fun community for all nations to have access to and enjoy. I want to engage in RP, polls, and activities to strengthen the communities in the game. Then we can be a great region, that is renowned all over NationStates!
Caring and Welcoming
The Delegate is one of the most important, and the most payed attention to, part of a region. I feel the delegate must be more involved with regional affairs. We need to reach out new nations and help them. We need to become a welcoming region that pays attention to and loves the people. That is what I am dedicated to. And speaking of dedication...
I spend a lot of time on this game. I am very quick when it comes to issues. As delegate I will be focused on matters at the table and will get things done. I am creative and efficient when it comes to thinking of solutions. I will dedicate myself to this job, it's responsibilities, and all of you and your needs. All for the well being and greatness of the region!
I am smart, I know what I am doing when it comes to a lot of things. I can play a huge role in helping other players, and I know a lot about the game. I also know what I'm doing when it comes to management. As the president of the FNR Centrist Party I have experience in large government positions. I know everything about the game and I know a lot about what I need to do, especially when it comes to the World Assembly. I have experience with leadership, can help all new players, and will be a great leader.
Views on the World Assembly
I have very positive views about the World Assembly. After all, I am running for Delegate. The World Assembly is and International Organization that wants unity, democracy, and international betterment. It is an important element of NationStates.

On the Security council, I take a neutral stance. There are both good and bad elements. I participate in voting for the SC, however there are parts of it that are skeptical and it is understandable that people stand against it.

What I'll Bring If Delegate
Here are things I would like to focus on as Delegate:

1. Delegate participation in proposal approving. If we want things to get done in the WA, proposals must be approved before anything happens. I want to pay my attention on what is happening in the World Assembly, and I will also pay attention to proposals and approve proposals, unlike the current delegate.

2. Further Engagement with the Delegate Position. Delegates are important figures in regions, and should be engaged with the community. I want them to play a role similar to a president, or Minister of Culture.

3. Furtherment of democracy. Obets loves democracy. I also love freedom, and I want to focus on freedom and democracy in policies. After all this is the Free Nations Region!

4. A region-wide proposal system. I want to set up a system where we can all work together to create proposals for the WA. Also, if you create a proposal, let me know immediately! I can then approve it.

5. A new face for the FNR community. This region runs on new faces and new ideas. Put them in charge!

Vote for the betterment of The Free Nations Region! Vote Obets, Fun, Caring, Dedicated, and Intelligent: the perfect Delegate for the betterment of the FNR!

Obets for WA Delegate
Read dispatch

1.. Why specifically do you think we need a new face? Narvatus has served us well for a long time now, and I have no reason to believe he won’t next term. Like Gufand pointed out, delegate transitions are a hassle. Why would going through the hassle of switching out someone we know to be reliable and good at their job with someone I haven’t even heard of?

2.. I agree that FNR should focus on fun, but we kinda already do that. Besides, in your capacity as WAD, you do not have any authority over any of the stuff you mention (that stuff being RP, polls, activities). In fact, almost all of that is under the authority of a completely different office.

3.. I agree that high officials should certainly be welcoming but that’s not something any candidate in their right mind would disagree with. Welcoming newcomers is the domain of Immigration or Culture as far as I’m aware, and there’s only so much you can do officially as a result of this campaign promise, to the point where I would consider it negligible.

4.. Issues are not a proper reflection of dedication. You get one every 24 minutes, iirc, and it takes maybe a minute or two to answer one. If you wait for all five to appear before answering, then the most active you can be is about 10 minutes every 2 hours, by my calculations. Just answering issues is nothing compared to the dedication of being in such a high office, especially if you plan to continue answering issues. Yes, dedication is good, but your vague promises in this regard are unsubstantial and/or irrelevant to the matter at hand.

5.. On to intelligence, then. This is an abstract promise. Just a buzz word as far as I’m aware. Anyone worth two pinches of salt in this game is intelligent. It doesn’t set you apart from other candidates.

6.. What I want to address, however, is leadership experience. This is sort of your intelligent section - really the only part of it that stands out as a unique and notable quality. The Centrist Party is big, so that is actually a strong point on your dispatch. However, it brings up additional issues. First of all, how does the average voter (me as an example) know that the Centrist Party is actually active, or that it requires good leadership for leaders to be leaders? I could say “Hey join this party”, spend maybe ten, twenty minutes making a fancy dispatch, get a number of people, and then we all just do nothing all day every day and it would look good on a campaign. How do we know that this is not the case for you?

7.. Second of all, leadership experience in a political party is a two-sided coin. How do we know that you are not just reliant on them, and not a strong candidate independently? Furthermore, how do we know you won’t be biased towards that group of people?

8.. Finally in that area, you say, and I quote, “I have experience in large government positions”. Please elaborate. What offices have you held? When? What did you do in those offices? How did they prepare you for the office you are running for?

9.. “Positive views about the World Assembly” is nothing. Anyone in the WA could honestly say that and it would bring nothing to the table. What sort of resolutions do you support? How will you secure our region’s interests in the Security Council, especially if you have a neutral stance on it? How will you decide whether or not to approve proposals? This is the most important part of your campaign, and it seems glossed over entirely.

10.. In a paragraph taking up a fourth of my screen all you say with substance is “I will pay attention to and approve resolutions unlike the current delegate”. First of all, that tells us nothing. Refer to my last point for more details on that. Second of all, your blatant attack on the incumbent’s policies doesn’t improve your position or degrade his that much. It is something to bring up in questioning against him, but not something I would include in a campaign.

11.. You say you wish to further engagement with the region. Now is the time I pull out my favorite word in the dictionary: How?

12.. The rest is just buzz words.

13.. Let me make this perfectly clear: I am not targeting you as a person. I know my questioning is harsh, but since you do not know me I feel the need to make sure that you know that all I’m doing is testing a candidate. The severity is just another test, to see how well you respond to such an onslaught. I do not intend to offend in anyway. May the best candidate win.