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Region: Pengia Terrum

Aldrest wrote:Aldrest has entered a period of Civil War an unrest after a group of Chiefs began fighting over the right of ruling over more than one island, with the remaining Chief's jumping in to avoid upsetting the delicate balance within the council. As such, until the situation has been resolved, Aldrest will cease all foreign contacts in an effort to stop this conflict as soon as possible. Trade will still be open but it will be limited to directly neighbouring nations and nations within the Pengia Terrum. Aldrest will also abstain from any diplomatic elections occurring within the PTCoC until the conflict ends. The Island of Dada, where the PTCoC parliament building is located has not been affected and is currently one of the few islands without any imminent conflict and as such, meeting may remain to occur, although the entire island will be on high alert and the country itself is on lock-down, so tourism is also stopped until the conflict is resolved. We understand that this may have caused certain inconveniences and Aldrest apologises for these and we will work to repay any damages caused by the conflict. We will keep you all updated as the situation develops.

- Karla Valerie Harrell, Regional Ambassador of Aldrest

Do you need any help? My defence forces, NGOs and aid organisations can come in to aid your operations if you would like. Some of that flows of labour, goods and services that benefit from the transport systems, communications systems and management and information systems you know.