by Max Barry

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Region: The Warden World

Hellasreich wrote:"Find his weakness....Find the girl", it'd say before a flash of the woman that was walking to the news van appeared before Julma

there was darkness... then there was a voice, it was a child.
Oh no! get out of the dark! get out of the dark!, the voice pleaded. If she opened her eyes she'd be layind in grass, her old clothes replaced by rags... and her lightsaber was missing. Minus the voice and temporary nausea though she was fine, beyond a nearby bush she saw some light, they were on a wall and beyond it was towers lighting up the night sky. At a large gate at the wall was about 4 men in dark orangish-red uniforms with helmets, in their hands were SMG's, they didn't seem like soldiers though, more like civilian officers if anything if their stance and light gear says anything.
Please! Get us out of the dark!, the voice pleaded once more fearing the dark and cold wooded area they found themselves in beyond the wall

The officers themselves didn't seem like the civilian killing type either, just men doing their job.. if anything the easiest thing would be to approach them to get in the city.

A sense of disbelief at the surreal near-dream Julma experienced was met with revulsion at the voice in her head and its pathetic pleas, as well as confusion and a sense of nakedness from being without her armor and lightsaber. Attempting to salvage the situation before making sense of the nonsense of it all, Julma got on her feet and put a hand on her side, faking an internal injury as she steadily headed towards the guards. She needed a plan, and she needed it now. Julma took a moment to perform a cursory scan of her surroundings with the Force, finding no signs of the voice's speaker, and finally addressed the voice in her head, the confusion of her mind flooding with disgust as she thought out loud to the unseen presence.
"I don't know who, or what, you are, but you are a weak and wretched thing. Explain yourself, or I will find a way to force you out, and hurt you."

Returning her focus to the pressing concerns of the material world Julma gave a slight wave with her free right hand at the guards, before croaking out a greeting. Her mind raced with possibilities, picking one she decided to be fitting for the pathetic situation she found herself in. An oft-practiced and seldom revealed technique of the Sith was, as is natural, a refined and superior descendent to the Jedi mind trick. Instead of familiarity and generosity being felt towards her, Julma used her extended hand to attempt to send the guards a mental "preconception" of her, using minor suggestion and exhaustion to make her hairs seem more grey, her skin more ragged and filthy, in essence an illusion of patheticness. She hadn't come this far without being able to put aside her pride, and if all went well she would replace her lost belongings soon enough.