by Max Barry

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Region: Confederation of the Mediterranean

[ok i developed a shorthand list that includes popular and notable places

[also helped me write about different places

Harrell made his way to the top of the Citadel via its high-speed elevator, taking in the view of the city as the sun basked it in evening light. Donning his light coat, he stepped onto the platform level just below the roof. The executive OQ-45 Honeybee was brought forth immediately. Its color scheme, reminiscent of the nation's colors, shone in the lights as it reflected off of the floor. Jerome walked across the platform to board the shuttle with the pilot after greeting him. He went in first, entering the cockpit.

The roof hatch opened for the shuttle to lift off. ATC is informed of the departure, and they were off. 2 UR-22s form up behind the ship, flanking it as the 3 made their way across Pirth City to the Visegrad Starport. This would be the location that the possibly three foreign leaders would be arriving at soon. At least one will show, he reasoned. If not, though, it would be nice to just go for a trip.

Sotorak, Alcandar, and Faustino get a call request at the same time if they were in their offices. Otherwise, a message is sent to them.